Dominique Leroux joins Infare as Vice President of Marketing worldwide. The key appointment to position Infare for global growth.
We interviewed Dominique a few weeks after joining Infare. We talked with Dominique about what her responsibilities as a new VP of Marketing will be, what the future holds for data and business intelligence in the travel industry and last but not least what excites Dominique about Infare.

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You joined Infare this month. What will your key responsibilities?

As Vice President of Marketing at Infare, I will lead the company’s global marketing strategy and all internal and external communications. My goal is to bring Infare brand equity to the next level, foster a consistent and innovative engagement with our existing and prospective customers, while supporting our ambitious business growth plans.

You’ve worked all over the world. Are you looking forward to being in Berlin and what knowledge do you think you will bring from your worldwide experience?

Berlin is one of the world’s most vibrant start-up cities and the epicentre for high-growth technology businesses, making it the perfect place to be. For me, Berlin felt like an obvious choice for a refreshing new challenge.
Along my career I have had the chance to work and live in various European cities, in the Middle East and Asia, leading teams spread across various geographies. I feel fortunate for the experience acquired and consider myself a global citizen. I believe that my approach to people and business has been shaped accordingly, making it easier to adapt to a global environment.

What first excited you about Infare?

I am truly excited to join Infare and its exciting growth journey. After spending nearly two decades in large global organisations, moving to a young and dynamic company in a sector experiencing hyper-growth was an irresistible opportunity.
Infare has a well-merited reputation among its 270+ airline, airport and travel agency customers for delivering high-quality airfare data, business intelligence solutions and exemplary customer service, which made it even more attractive.
Over the years Infare has put together a dedicated team of technical and airline industry specialists encompassing a unique and heterogeneous set of skills. The company extended its leadership team in recent months to intensify customer focus. I am extremely proud to join Infare’s leadership team and can’t wait to help deliver ever-greater value to our customers and achieve our ambitious growth plans.


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