Every day, the global travel industry looks to Infare to provide the most comprehensive and trusted airfare data and business intelligence (BI) solutions to fuel its pricing strategies. Since 2013, Air Malta has partnered with Infare to remain competitive in the low-cost market through empowered revenue management. In our recently published case study, we share how Air Malta harnesses our competitive airfare data to offer passengers value for their travel dollar.
For over 45 years, Air Malta proudly serves as the premier airline of the Maltese Islands. The low-cost carrier currently flies to over 35 major cities across Europe and the Mediterranean, offering additional connections to many more destinations in North America and the Middle East. Air Malta’s goal is to share the passion and culture of the Maltese Islands with the world by providing exceptional service and affordable airfares.
Air Malta’s Revenue Management team relies on Pharos to monitor and adjust its prices to stay competitive. Pharos employs the power of Infare’s comprehensive airfare data, allowing the carrier to easily monitor and modify its fares to meet customer needs and identify new pricing opportunities to increase revenue. By using the insight provided by Pharos, Air Malta remains confident in its pricing strategies and ability to provide the most attractive airfares to passengers.
Infare gives Air Malta the most relevant data in Pharos
With the support of Infare’s airfare data and BI solutions, Air Malta continues to provide an exceptional travel experience and value to its customers. Download our latest case study to learn more about how Air Malta uses Infare’s pricing intelligence solutions to:
• Monitor airfares for key routes using Pharos, Infare’s leading BI tool
• Predict and verify daily revenue management decisions
• Steer and adjust pricing strategies to remain competitive in the low-cost market


Air Malta harnesses Infare's competitive airfare data to bring value to passengers

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