Airfare Big Data: What’s in it for your airport? (Free Webinar)

30 April, 2018


Airfare data is highly relied upon by airlines for pricing activities and route profitability studies.
In this webinar, we looked at how Airfare Big Data allows Airports to:

  • Analyse airline customers’ performance.
  • Identify new revenue opportunities.

The webinar is free and all we ask for is your contribution to make our BI Experts happy. How to do it? Easy, ask new questions and share with us your feedback at!
During the webinar we analysed one of the most celebrated success stories of the past months: Norwegian’s long-haul operations from London Gatwick to New York J.F.K. We looked at how to evaluate the airline’s performance and its impact on Gatwick’s operations. Furthermore we took a closer look at the implications for airports sharing the same catchment area.

The webinar consists of several parts:

  • Short intro to Airfare Big Data.
  • Identify new airline customers for your airport. The Norwegian Bet (2016).
  • Proactively manage existing customers. The Norwegian Bet on LGW: Has the honeymoon ended? (2017-2018).
  • Overview of Altus – The Big Airfare Data Analytics for Airports.
  • Q&A with our BI experts.

In the last part our experts answer 16 questions!

Here is a list of the most interesting ones:

Is Infare only able to analyse past fares or it is possible to also look at the future fares as well?
What if the route airports are interested in is not in the system?
How frequently is the data updated?
Can the system be used to look at a whole portfolio of routes?
How do you calculate the average for each day in history when looking back or looking at airfares backwards?
Can the system compere more than two routes?
Can the data be used for forcasting?
Can Airline input their own data or are they just able to use the data from Infare?
Does Infare also collect data from OTAs for a specific route?

Does any of the questions sound interesting? We answered even more than that!

You can also download the above mentioned Case Study from Infare LEARN.