Every day, Infare delivers more than 3.5 billion airfare observations to our customers worldwide. This abundance of airfare data empowers airlines, airports and travel agencies to make swift and intelligent pricing decisions to stay competitive. With airlines transporting over 4 billion passengers globally in 2018 alone, it is more important than ever that this data is comprehensive and accurate.

There are nearly 800 regularly scheduled passenger airlines worldwide in operation. From regional and low-cost carriers to legacy alliances, Infare collects airfare data, on demand, on over 95% of these airlines, providing the travel industry with the data they need to remain nimble. “As we have seen, the travel industry is becoming increasingly hungry for data. We are continuing to expand the depth and breadth of the data we collect based upon these demands,” explains Infare’s CEO, Nils Gelbjerg-Hansen. To this end, Infare collects more than 2 billion airfare observations from airlines, OTA and meta search booking sites daily, providing our customers with the most in-depth data obtainable.

At Infare, we understand that airfare benchmarking data empowers pricing intelligence. We are continuously developing solutions that help the travel industry harness the power of this data to keep our customers in the lead, using innovative ways to collect and retrieve data, assuring airlines have the information needed to make informed decisions with the least impact and total cost associated with making this information available to them.



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