With over 1 million new users coming online daily, the new digital economy has transformed the way consumers make their purchasing decisions. In response to these changes, airlines are continuously looking for innovative ways to attract and retain customers by offering increased personalisation and seamless travel experiences. By investing in next-generation technologies and harnessing the power of data, airlines can build consumer loyalty, increase airline pricing efficiency and improve overall profitability.

At the 2019 CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit, Infare CCO Harald Eisenaecher will speak as part of a panel discussion on leveraging AI and new technologies to improve pricing efficiency. The summit will be held in Malta on 5-6 December 2019 and brings together top leaders and executives from across the global aviation industry to discuss the latest trends and hot topics that will steer strategic decision-making for carriers in 2020 and beyond.

Harald Eisenaecher speaker at CAPA 2019 Malta

Eisenaecher will join senior leaders on stage to explore how the utilisation of big data, AI and other technologies creates a customised customer experience and can enhance revenue. According to Eisenaecher, “When it comes to the aviation industry, data – especially big data – is the new oil. In order to create loyal customers, airlines must think like e-retailers and provide consumers with a distinct and personalised experience at each step of the journey. Therefore data, more than ever, is becoming a vital product.”

Additional members of the Infare team will be on-hand at our stand in the exhibit area to connect and share our full range of airfare benchmarking data and pricing intelligence tools to help improve airline pricing efficiency and profitability. We will also be available for one-on-one meetings to provide a comprehensive overview of how our innovative solutions can empower pricing intelligence.



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