Superior Pricing Intelligence & Airfare Data for airlines

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Solutions For Airlines

At Infare, we understand the demands airlines are facing in today’s ultra-competitive airline and travel industry. Using our range of airfare intelligence solutions, you have full access to superior airfare data and in-depth analysis.

We are empowering 250+ airlines globally with monitoring their competitor behaviour and pricing, managing flight-level profitability reviews and identifying untapped revenue opportunities in the industry at both the route and overall market level.


Historical and forward-looking airline network and route profitability insight for airports

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Solutions For Airports

Airports must adjust managing new challenges resulting from the ever-growing popularity and affordability of air travel. Airlines, on the other side, are continuously reassessing their routes from a given airport and evaluating new ones by analysing competitor pricing, future market conditions, expected market demand and forecasted revenue. Using our solutions allow you, airports, to speak the same language as airlines.


With our comprehensive set of historical and forward-looking data, you can easily determine:
how carriers are performing in a given network,
what is the overall network value, and
which are the most profitable network opportunities for an airport.

We provide you with the extra edge in creating reliable monthly revenue estimations while building competitive business cases for your airport.



The full pricing transparency of various packages for travel agencies

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Solutions For Travel Agencies

Travel agencies need to know more than the full price of a vacation packages. You need to understand the cost breakdown of each component to negotiate the best price for your customer, as well as stay competitive within the market.

Infare solutions provide online travel agencies, travel management companies and tour operators with full pricing transparency of various packages’ components and the ability to benchmark retail airfares in relation to competitors.

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