Imagine the adrenaline rushing into your brain when you are about to reach the finish line of a marathon and become number 1. Imagine if you could win, the smart way, avoid pain and repeat this race repeatedly to be consistently the winner. Now, imagine if you could continuously and consistently make intelligent pricing decisions and be the first for your airline outsmarting competition on your way.

This is exactly what Airline PPS can help achieve for Executive Decision makers – continuously and consistently making intelligent pricing decisions – from small regional carriers up to large network airlines.

What Airline PPS is

By using Infare’s Airfare Big Data, our partner, Air Cube has developed Airlines PPS which allows you to monitor your airline’s prices against competition intuitively and act immediately.

Airline PPS is a smart airline price positioning and benchmarking solution. The intelligent solution combines the power of Infare’s Airfare Big Data coupled with the client airline’s specific requirements – such as geographical zones, competitor tiers per market, market weights, pricing strategies per cabin, market and competitor – as well as combined with other selected data sources – such as load factor indicators, product information, ancillary prices or any other relevant data.

How customers use Airline PPS

Airlines obtain an aggregated view on their pricing vs competition with a record-breaking number of filter options and drill-down possibilities. Airline PPS is a particularly flexible and robust solution.
Airline Senior Executives use Airline PPS to define their strategic goals for pricing and monitoring. Airline PPS also allows pricing teams to quickly identify the markets or departure periods where and when their airline price positioning is not competitive and make the necessary adjustments immediately.

How Airline PPS works

All views can be easily saved and recalled. Create alerts so no surprises can occur. Set Up daily or weekly reports, so insights nicely reach out to you directly in your inbox.

What’s more, Airline PPS runs on an extremely flexible technology that allows Air Cube to make specific developments for each client in a very agile manner. Though the data processing algorithms are the same for all customers, today most of the airlines using Airline PPS work with a customised version of dashboards. The flexibility which Airline PPS provides enables airlines to create their magical recipe and secure their success at the finish line. Airline PPS is a tailor-made solution and offers pricing excellence for all types and sizes of airlines.

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How we are scaling for success

At Infare we are serving a data-hungry industry with an average of 50% data consumption YoY increase, so we need our solutions to be scalable. The new version of Airline PPS can now absorb up to billions of daily records while still delivering responsive dashboards. This is vastly underestimated, like the invisible part of an iceberg, but it is what gives our customers a real edge.

Time is also of the essence; winning feels good. With the release of the Revenue Potential Indicator in the Airline PPS, you can now instantly see where and when the most significant revenue opportunities lie, giving you more chances to increase your different revenue streams.



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