Successful Airlines are exceptionally good at monitoring market performance and forecasting demand but cracking the code of successful demand forecasting is no easy task.

To find the right formula, airlines need to monitor the performance of each route, network, competitor and potential partner.

Historical airfare data fuels the aviation industry with consistent and transparent information on how carriers are performing at individual route and overall market level. Altus by Infare gives you exactly that and so much more. Altus addresses the needs of routes planners, aviation consultants and marketing experts, who are enabled to leverage Big Data insights to easily assess the performance of each one of their routes, as well as, of those of their competitors.


Why customers adopt Altus

  • World’s biggest historical airfare database
    Altus gives you access to over 1 Trillion of detailed airfares gathered over more than a decade a non-stop, round-the-clock data collection process targeting all high traffic routes.
  • Unmatched global insight
    Altus allows you to effortlessly assess in a few clicks the profitability of 130,000+ individual routes, which represent over 90% of all commercial routes globally.
  • Actionable market intelligence
    Altus supports the conversion of an unmatched amount of historical data into intuitive graphical representations and immediately actionable information on individual carrier and market performance.


What you can accomplish with Altus

  • Accurately screen the market and evaluate competitors’ strategies for benchmarking purposes.
  • Easily estimate the revenue associated to each route, analysing the characteristics of each route, calculating present and future revenues.
  • Thoroughly calculate revenue scenarios, factoring in markets risk by taking into account information on volatility.
  • Prepare informed assessments on seasonality and evaluate potential price strategies and capacity levels.


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“We used Altus by INFARE during one of our projects to work with a large complex historical data set. We have found Altus to be a simple and efficient tool for airfare monitoring and analysis. Altus provides access to a unique database through a user-friendly analytical interface.”

– Konstantin Dmitrienko, Senior Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company




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