29 November, 2017


The Aviation Industry uses various types of data to define both external and internal Aviation business strategies. For example, many Airlines and Airports are gradually funnelling personal data into a customer service strategy – with flight attendants becoming the face of hyper-personalized service.
There is more to Business though.

“the higher the price, the bigger the profit”

As complex as the Aviation Industry is, there’s a simple truth when it comes to airfares and Aviation Business in general: the higher the price, the bigger the profit. No surprise then, that Big Airfare Data is another valuable source of information fueling Aviation (BI) tools and it is significantly impacting the way revenue managers and network planners make business decisions.

To develop profitable pricing strategy airlines need to gain true competitive insights on airfares. Our Analytics Team has analyzed various types and sources of airfare information.
The publication you can download below focuses on the airfare data that supports actual drill-down analysis (from O&D to individual flight level) and therefore the creation of business cases on carrier and flight level.

In this White Paper, we take a closer look at:

  • Airfare Collection
  • Consistency
  • Enrichment
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Accuracy
  • And last but not least, Usability when fuelling Aviation (BI) Systems!
    Regardless of the purpose, be it to build profitable business cases, retain happy customers, analyze new route potential or identify the impact of competitor’s strategy, knowing the How To’s to identify the Best Type of Data for Aviation Business is fundamental for any professional who wishes to use the data for analysis purposes.

    The better the airfare data, the more usable the Aviation Business Intelligence Tools.

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