In our Summer edition, we talked about the importance of diverse data in times of crisis. While changes are happening faster than ever, data though continues to play a vital role within the global aviation industry especially as airlines must adjust to rapidly shifting market conditions and restrictions.
The global aviation, and travel industry players at large, are all in agreement that common regulations and procedures across governments and countries will help the industry recover faster, by removing confusion. This remains to be seen today.
Safety, hygiene and flexibility with fares are now the top decision factors post-COVID for travellers who need reassurance about their travel conditions. Airlines need to address those as a priority.
Cash management and revenue management are more crucial than ever for airlines to survive. Today, most airlines can’t predict beyond a week or two, affecting both network planning and pricing. Airline Revenue Management teams have to monitor flight incremental over cost and adjust prices on a daily basis while keeping a close eye on the competition. Historical data, price elasticity calculations and demand curves may all be outdated by now. But the need for accurate, forward-looking data remains and competitor benchmark is essential.

Have you heard of Market Trends?

Market Trends turns travel data into actionable information through a visual analytic tool and its associated smart feeds. Designed for airline revenue management and pricing teams, and beyond to all travel players, Market Trends is the newest component of Airline PPS developed by Air Cube, powered by a weekly data feed of the latest worldwide airline airfares from Infare to understand pricing strategies; as well as Air Cube’s proprietary algorithms to model and generate total air market estimates.
With Market Trends, our customers can gain powerful insights supporting tactical and strategic decisions. In particular, during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Markets trends provides you with an immediate view on the different airlines’ strategies, on analysing markets/regions where recovery may be underway. We help you stay ahead of the game by keeping up with changes on pricing, capacity and demand.
At Infare, we support your recovery efforts during this period of high volatility as well as in the future when some sense of normality reappears. And if you are already one of our airline customers, we have an exclusive free three-month trial offer!
Learn more about Market Trends here.


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