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Infare operates with a unique “give-to-get model.”

When airline customers embrace the give-to-get approach, they engage in a mutually beneficial exchange, wherein they receive valuable data and services from Infare in return for sharing their own data in a detailed and high-quality manner. Airline customers understand and appreciate that Infare requires access to their direct channel, or equivalent data sources to gather essential airfare and related data. This ensures that all participants can fully benefit from the collaborative data-sharing ecosystem while maintaining the integrity and quality of the information exchanged.

Our unique business model offers several benefits, including:

  • Highest airfare data quality: Direct sourcing ensures the best data quality in the industry, enhancing reliability and accuracy.
  • A unique marketplace: Facilitating exchange and collaboration among participants in a distinct marketplace environment.
  • Transparent and efficient data collection: Our clear processes guarantee transparency and efficiency in obtaining and sharing data, with sources specified by airline customers.
  • Lowest total acquisition cost: Cost-effectiveness benefits all participants by minimising data acquisition and utilisation expenses.


Infare is uniquely positioned to collect data transparently and sustainably.

With over 20 years of experience dealing with air travel data and high-performance technology, our reputation precedes us.

Infare’s unique value proposition includes accurate and complete price collection to populate a database for the analytical decision support of its customers. Our method of collecting, storing and presenting data allows customers to not only compare competitor prices but also derive competitor intelligence by analysing and comparing the pricing information over time.

We reached a new record end of 2023 by collecting the highest volume of airfares daily at 3.97 billion.


The ordering process is simple once you have decided which subscription best meets your needs.

Traditionally, customers use the Online Order Module available through the Infare Customer Portal to view existing and historical subscriptions, manage data subscriptions, and create and track orders. Customers can also keep track of their data consumption by using the Calculate transaction feature when looking at existing subscriptions and ordering new data. Data frequency is also managed through subscriptions; our mission is to deliver data daily, multiple times daily or live.

When customers need to make large volumes of data subscriptions, we recommend using our API. With the Subscriptions API, customers can programmatically perform many actions they would manually do otherwise. Integrating Infare airfare data into an API brings great benefits and allows customers to create new orders, get orders, get subscription lines, end subscription lines, get available booking sites, and easily get subscription recommendations.


Data quality is a key commitment of Infare.

Thanks to the greatest airline customer footprint, we offer the highest data quality unmatched in the industry, with an average of 98,1% based on timeliness and completeness.

By collecting the highest quality and largest quantity of air travel data through a sustainable and collaborative model, we can provide complete and large-scale data on time, all the time, to our airline customers operating across all five continents. By collaborating with airlines with our give-to-get model, we can keep pace with the exponentially increasing volume of data.

Our dedicated team oversees measuring data quality, monitoring, and reporting. We value transparency and proactively inform customers about data issues when arising.


We measure data quality around three key dimensions.

  • Completeness: Our data has high records of completeness and matches what customers are asking for. We deliver data on all requested transactions where departures are available, and data contains all details available on airline websites and more.
  • Timeliness: We deliver large-scale data on time, all the time, to our airline customers operating across all five continents.
  • Validity: As invalid data affects the accuracy and completeness of a data set, we process thorough data validation at an unmatched level on 45 separate criteria. Examples of validation are realistic price and tax range, appropriate currency, and internal structure of data elements. Each observed fare record must be completed on all points to be valid.


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