With more than 20 years of experience dealing with air travel data and high-performance technology, Infare is uniquely positioned to collect data transparently and sustainably. Our reputation precedes us.


Infare’s unique value proposition includes accurate and complete price collection to populate a database for the analytical decision support of its customers. Our method of collecting, storing and presenting data allows customers to not only compare competitor prices but also derive competitor intelligence by analysing and comparing the pricing information over time.


When collecting data, we capture the lowest available airfare for all flights for each cabin class and all additional search criteria defined by the customer:

  • Site name.
  • Carrier code. If ‘Site code’ differs from ‘Carrier’, the carrier code must be submitted.
  • Origin, destination and connection. We support additional stations for the city, train stations, port and military.
  • Cabin class. E (Economy), P (Premium Economy), B (Business) and F (First class).
  • One way or return trip.
  • Minimum stay. Measured for a return trip.
  • Departure days. Maximum is 365. It can be a range of days, e.g., “0-90”, or individual days, e.g., “1,2,3.”