Our services are designed to fit our customer’s needs.

We can deliver your data in different ways.





We can send your data through a Secure File Transfer Protocol or a Cloud Storage such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob Storage, to name a few. This delivery option gives you the freedom to build your own data set using aggregated and enriched data.

When delivering data via File Transfer, we adapt the format of our feeds, making them custom, to integrate effortlessly into revenue management and pricing systems. The format of our feeds is compatible with the Revenue Management Systems:

  • Accelya AirRM
  • Amadeus Dynamic Pricing, Revenue Management System, and Altea Revenue Management
  • Amadeus Navitaire SkyPrice
  • ATPCO Architect
  • FLYR Labs Cirrus Revenue Operating System
  • Kambr Eddy
  • Lufthansa Systems ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt
  • Maxamation Aviator
  • PROS Airline Revenue Management Software
  • Sabre AirVision Fare Manager, AirVision Market Intelligence Global Demand Data, AirVision Revenue Optimizer, Commercial Analytics, and Dynamic Pricing
  • SITA Horizon Airfare Insight
  • Yieldin Visium

Further customisation to support integration with your specific analysis system is also possible.






We can send your data through a Cloud Database such as Snowflake. This delivery method allows you and anyone in your organisation to analyse our data by simply using a web browser. It’s that easy!

With Snowflake Data Cloud, you can access and query the data you need faster and more efficiently. You can access your subscribed data and request access to our most complete data set, Airfares. As an airline with advanced pricing and revenue management practices, we believe you would greatly benefit from it.

We have two ways of sharing data through Snowflake: Reader Accounts (for Snowflake and non-Snowflake customers) and Private Listing (for Snowflake customers only).






You can access your data directly through one or several of our Business Intelligence solutions. This option allows you to focus on what matters most to your business. 

Our business intelligence solutions are Software-as-a-Service applications that do not require client-side software other than a web browser. Implementing our solutions is easy and does not require detailed project management.

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