At Infare, we are always looking for ways to drive growth and profitability for our customer through new and innovative solutions and enhanced data collection. For no one is that drive greater than Vytautas Baronas, Head of Data Collection.

Since starting with us in 2007, he has played a key role in the continued advancement of Infare’s customer-centric mission. Besides leading Infare’s Data Collection team, he also assisted in opening our Vilnius office in 2011, currently home to over 75 employees. As a dedicated Formula 1 fan, Vytautas understands the importance of being agile and forward-thinking to stay competitive. We recently sat down with Vytautas to learn about his journey at Infare and how he and his team keep our customers in the pole position to be successful.

Vytautas, what is your role at Infare?

Over the past 12 years, my role has evolved from an intern in our Copenhagen office to leading our Data Collection team in Vilnius. As Head of Data Collection, I am currently leading four teams with over 40 people in total. Each day, we work to gather airfare data from over 1,000 airlines, online travel agencies, metasearch engines and other sources on behalf of our customers. My team’s primary focus to provide our customers with consistent, accurate and complete data to keep them competitive.

I am also still active in the continued growth and well-being of our Vilnius office. When I started with Infare in 2007, I was focused on data extraction in our Copenhagen office but was a bit homesick for my home country of Lithuania. Infare supported me in my desire to work remotely and saw the potential in expanding our capabilities to a new location. I had the pleasure of helping to establish our Vilnius office in 2011 and have seen it grown into our largest location. I am immensely proud of our accomplishments and the role I played in them.

data collection Vytas Baronas

You have been involved in many significant milestones in Infare’s journey. What are your favourite moments and biggest accomplishments?

There have been so many amazing moments during my time at Infare, so it makes it difficult to pick only one. Achieving goals is very important, but after one target is reached, there is always another even more exciting objective. For me it is even more important to have good companions who help me when it is difficult, keep me humble and make the journey enjoyable. I have the pleasure of working with so many talented and dedicated people on a daily basis across our four locations and enjoy every opportunity to connect with them in person. It’s exciting to see how far Infare has come, growing from a start-up in 2000 to becoming a leading partner to the global airline and travel industry today.

We are seeing that airlines are becoming hungrier for data. How is Infare helping our customers in their drive for comprehensive and accurate airfare data?

The growth in the amount of data that Infare collects each day is staggering. I checked the numbers recently, and ten years ago, we were collecting 20 million points of data daily. Today, we are collecting over 2 billion data points – more than 100 times what we did only a few short years ago! To accomplish such a massive feat, we focus on staying innovative and sustainable. Collection in substantial volumes would not be possible without developing and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and within the travel industry. Data collection is more than numbers – it needs a human touch and cooperation to be successful. At Infare, we understand that and are making sure our customers are always a part of our vision.

What is next for you and for Infare?

We are always looking ahead at Infare and developing additional ways to partner with our customers. A great example of this is our relationship with Flight Centre, where we are investigating new use cases for our airfare data. We are also working hard to expand the types of data we collect, including fare families and ancillary services. As Head of Data Collection, I am working closely with our Commercial and Development Teams to identify what data our customers need and how to best provide it. There is never a dull moment here at Infare, and I would not want it any other way.



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