While the airline landscape is constantly changing, one thing does not change: it remains highly competitive. To achieve profitability and long-term financial sustainability, airlines must ensure that they maintain and improve yields. Knowing that the income generated from selling tickets to customers is the most significant source of revenue for any airlines and, in 2018, this accounted for almost 80% of Finnair’s revenue, one must secure strong and accurate competitor pricing insight to make effective decisions.

Finnair started its journey with Infare in 2010 and as of 2020, still uses the company’s insight to drive its revenue management strategies. This relationship has prospered over the years thanks to the high-quality airfare benchmarking data that Infare has delivered.

The network carrier can track competitive price changes quickly and accurately, thanks to Infare airfare benchmarking data, enabling them to act on these fast-changing market developments. Finnair also uses the data available in Pharos to forecast demand for the future. The scheduling functionality, for example, helps Finnair quickly identify when competitors increase or remove frequencies.

In this recent case study, we share how Finnair benefits from Infare benchmarking data to optimise pricing, using our most powerful business intelligence solution, Pharos.

Learn how Infare helps Finnair revenue management team make effective data-driven pricing decisions at a time when schedule and pricing have never been more volatile in history.



Finnair benefits from Infare airfare benchmarking data to optimise pricing

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