Infare, the global market leader in airfare pricing intelligence, has been chosen by multi award-winning travel agency Flight Centre to support the company in improving its airfare competitiveness.

17 Januaray, 2019

infare partner flight centre
Flight Centre will increase the efficiency and agility of its pricing teams through Infare’s business intelligence solutions. The company will use Infare’s airfare data – the most comprehensive source in the world – together with the Retailers Pricing Position Suite (PPS) from Air Cube, an Infare partner. In combination, these tools will allow Flight Centre to rapidly identify new pricing opportunities and sharpen its competitive edge.

Flight Centre analysts are now in the best position to market their airfares more effectively, giving them a clear advantage within the fiercely competitive retail travel space. Thanks to the insights provided by Infare, Flight Centre can now quickly analyse pricing opportunities in an aggregated and easy-to-review format, and take action as required. In a single report, the pricing experts get a clear overview of their own published fares’ market position alongside the competition and relevant airlines’ published fares.

Greg Parker, Executive General Manager of Global Air at Flight Centre Travel Group, says:

”Infare’s best-in-class airfare data coupled with Air Cube’s Retailers PPS visual analytics product provides us with the ability to make informed pricing decisions at every stage of our customer buying cycle.”

Harald Eisenaecher, Chief Commercial Officer at Infare, comments: ”This partnership shows the strategic importance of airfare insights to travel industry leaders. We are delighted to be supporting Flight Centre across its global network and look forward to seeing the growth the business achieves over the coming years.”

Parker adds:

”From the inception of our partnership, we could clearly visualise the global advantages that it brings to our group. Our partnership was originally launched in Australia and has now been earmarked for wider deployment. The Infare team was extremely professional and lived up to all our expectations, deploying their solution – including customised dashboards and tailored features – to our colleagues across the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand within a very short space of time. These tools have made our business more efficient and agile.”