Data has always played a vital role within the aviation industry. From the personalisation of airfares to launching new routes, airlines have historically relied on a mix of internal and external data sources to provide insight and guidance in their decision-making. The need for data has increased as airlines must adjust to rapidly changing market conditions and restrictions. But it is not just about having more data; it is about having the right data. By looking at data from diverse sources, including bookable flights and published airfares, airlines can begin to extract value and develop a plan to persevere best.

To this end, Infare has been sharing COVID-19 market trends insights free of charge since Spring 2020 to provide a unique outlook on bookable flights and pricing evolution at a macro-level. To build those insights, we extract our information from a unique solution – Market Trends – developed by exclusive partner Air Cube and powered by Infare data. As our solution has evolved, so are our insights.

Thanks to a solution powered by an even richer dataset, the release of additional market indicators and interactive visualisation, new insights are now available for you, since December 2020, free of charge.


Market Trends is powered by Infare data containing 360+ airlines, 2,000+ airports, 77,000+ airport pairs, 9,000+ country pairs and 1.5 billion price points collected daily, aggregated at a weekly level.

Market Trends is also further enriched with Air Cube proprietary algorithms and data science revealing the most of Infare data to understand volatility better, track flight cancellations worldwide, model and generate total air market estimates. Data from Google Search and the World Bank Open Data are also used to estimate demand patterns at a macro level.

Come back regularly to find out more insights as the data get refreshed monthly. Read more about Market Trends and Contact us to learn more about the product.

Six powerful dashboards
    • Price at departure (economy cabin only, direct and indirect flights)
    • Price four months before departure (economy cabin only, direct and indirect flights)
    • Price Heatmap (each cell shows the YoY change in average price for a given departure period observed by month and up to 26 weeks before departure)
    • Flights flown and scheduled (direct flights only)
    • Schedule changes two weeks before departure (direct flights only)
    • Revenues (all cabins, all flight types)

Scroll down the page to view all six charts. All charts also show both year-over-year and year-to-date percentage variations.

Four valuable geographical dimensions
    • Global
    • Asia Pacific
    • Europe, Middle East and Africa
    • Americas

Simply navigate from one dimension to the other by making your selection from the first chart (top left corner button). Each dimension indicates airfares and flights from this starting point to the World.

Multiple download options
    • Print chart
    • Download as PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG files
    • Download as Excel or CSV files
    • View data table

NEW: You can now choose your option by selecting from the menu of each chart on the top right corner button.