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Finnair partners with Infare to optimise pricing

While the airline landscape is constantly changing, one thing does not change: it remains highly competitive. To achieve profitability and […]

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Data supporting airlines recovery efforts

In our Summer edition, we talked about the importance of diverse data in times of crisis. While changes are happening […]

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Internal data analytics support customer success at Infare

The outlook of the global travel industry is changing, and data is helping to shape it. At Infare, data is […]

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Supporting the global aviation industry for two decades

Infare has been supporting the global aviation industry for two decades. Our mission is to enable our customers to make […]

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The importance of diverse data in times of crisis

Data has always played a vital role within the aviation industry. From the personalisation of airfares to launching new routes, […]

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Market Trends Infare Air Cube

Free of charge to our airline customers: Insights on bookable flights and pricing evolution with Market Trends

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to put an enormous strain on people and industries around the world. At […]

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Airlines from around the world partner with Infare

For twenty years, Infare has supported the global travel industry by providing the most comprehensive airfare data available and robust […]

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New Pharos features

New Pharos features provide market insights during challenging times

Supporting the success of our customers is a cornerstone of Infare’s mission. As part of our goal of providing the […]

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Malaysia Airlines partners with Infare

Malaysia Airlines partners with Infare to attain record growth in 2019

Every day, airlines are challenged to provide value to travellers while remaining competitive in their pricing strategies. Malaysia Airlines achieved […]

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Air Malta partners with Infare

Air Malta partners with Infare to bring increased value to passengers

Every day, the global travel industry looks to Infare to provide the most comprehensive and trusted airfare data and business […]

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Aviation Strategy Forum 2020 airline pricing strategies

The next generation of
airline pricing strategies

The average transatlantic flight generates around 1,000 gigabytes of data, starting from the moment a customer begins to search for […]

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Outlook 2020: Insights from
CAPA World Aviation Summit

What is the outlook for the aviation industry for 2020? What role will data play in enhancing the customer experience? […]

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Fredrik Palm CTO Infare

Software development soars
to new heights at Infare

Passion and innovation are at the core of Infare’s mission, and no one personifies these traits more than Infare’s new […]

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Top Travel Events 2020

Top travel industry events in 2020:
Where travel and technology meet

Every year, top travel industry leaders travel across the globe to meet and discuss the latest trends and hot topics. […]

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Ryanair partner Infare

Ryanair partners with Infare to
stay the low-cost leader

At Infare, we are always looking for ways to assist our clients in being innovative and agile. Low-cost carriers such […]

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Airfare disparity channel monitor

Why monitoring all distribution channels matters

Airlines are continually looking for new ways to not only attract but also retain customers to stay competitive. From personalised […]

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Airline pricing efficiency

Harnessing data and technology to improve airline pricing efficiency

With over 1 million new users coming online daily, the new digital economy has transformed the way consumers make their […]

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Data collection Vytautas Baronas

Driving customer success through data collection

At Infare, we are always looking for ways to drive growth and profitability for our customer through new and innovative […]

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Infare leaders featured in recent Arabian Aerospace and Flight International magazines

Every day, hundreds of airlines and airports turn to Infare for meaningful competitive information converted into real-time pricing intelligence. As […]

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Freemium role in airline industry Infare Insights

Freemium: What role will it play in the airline industry?

Freemium has been used as a successful business model for over a decade, mainly in the technology sector. Companies such […]

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airfare data is power

Airfare data is power for our customers at Infare

Every day, Infare delivers more than 3.5 billion airfare observations to our customers worldwide. This abundance of airfare data empowers […]

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Innovation Gitte Karpinski Infare insider

Innovation keeps things rolling at Infare

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of Infare’s mission. Since its founding in 2000, Infare has grown from a single […]

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airlines get hungrier for data

More than ever airlines get hungrier for data

At the recent 2019 World Aviation Festival in London, the use of digital technology to spur personalisation was a hot […]

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aviation industry trends festival World Aviation Festival 2019

What’s new and what’s next:
5 trends from the World Aviation Festival 2019

For over fifteen years, the World Aviation Festival has been the premier conference for the aviation industry to gather and […]

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William Hoang-Minh customer relationships at Infare

Building strong
customer relationships at Infare

In the past 12 months, Infare has further strengthened its global commercial team to deepen its understanding of customer needs […]

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Connect with Infare at 2019 World Aviation Festival in London

Connect with Infare at
2019 World Aviation Festival in London

The 2019 World Aviation Festival is fast approaching and Infare is excited to be a part of it. One of […]

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The secret behind airline profitability

The adoption of NDC, coupled with a rise in customer personalisation and the need for smarter data, is changing the […]

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Pricing intelligence and customer centric culture – the perfect pair

Over the last few years, the aviation industry has begun to adopt a customer-centric approach to how they interact with […]

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Low-Cost airlines pricing strategies

What’s behind the success of Low-Cost Airlines Pricing Strategies?

For many years Low-Cost Airlines have been a disrupting force in the airline industry with their direct distribution model and […]

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Smart Airline Pricing Aviation Data Symposium

Staying ahead with airline pricing strategies in the ultra-competitive travel industry

When we think of pricing intelligence, we tend to see Amazon as the trail blazers, with algorithms that reportedly change […]

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Optimising Airline Pricing: the key to unlocking increased airline profitability

Rising fuel prices, fierce market competition, soft customer demand and a less positive global economic outlook are all combining to […]

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Infare’s growth strategy: New CFO Mikkel Bønnelycke

At present, Infare is developing in response to the rapidly growing pricing intelligence needs of our customers, by scaling up […]

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Modelling Airline Competition using Machine Learning

Modelling Airline Competition using Machine Learning

Airline competition is a driving force in the airline industry. In fact, it is increasing year on year. Consumers and […]

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omanair and infare partnership

Oman Air and Infare strengthens partnership

Since 2015 Oman Air has had access to best-in-class airfare data and real-time insights that support their pricing strategy. With […]

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Get a fresh perspective from an Infare Insider. This month, we interview Aleksej Kozlov, Senior Front-End Developer, who explains why usability, performance and ease-of-use are crucial aspects of developing customer-centric software.

Developing customer-centric software

Get a fresh perspective from an Infare Insider. This month, we interview Aleksej Kozlov, Senior Front-End Developer, who explains why […]

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Tired of rate disparity?
We have the solution for you

When it comes to pricing and rate parity, airlines are facing two major challenges. On one hand, they need to […]

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infare insider paulius gulbinas

Infare Insider
Meet Paulius Gulbinas

Get a fresh perspective from an Infare Insider. Learn more about the people behind our success. This month, we interviewed […]

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Infare ATM-2018-178

Meet Infare on the road:
Next stop, ATM in Dubai

In March, we had the pleasure meeting many of you at ITB in Berlin. If you missed us last time, […]

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Infare Insider
Meet Tobias Nyrop

Get a fresh perspective from an Infare Insider. Learn more about the people behind our success. This month, we interviewed […]

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What makes Altus the most reliable solution for historical airfare data

Successful Airlines are exceptionally good at monitoring market performance and forecasting demand but cracking the code of successful demand forecasting […]

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infare free pharos demo

The new Pharos is taking off

With our new Pricing Intelligence solution, we have launched Pharos, the next-generation tool of choice, for analysing competitive pricing behaviours. […]

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aegean airlines partner infare

Aegean Airlines leverage airfare insights powered by its partner Infare

Infare has been partnering with Aegean Airlines for over eight years now, providing their revenue management team with Airfare Big […]

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infare new commercial office berlin

The new commercial office in Berlin
to fuel future growth

Berlin’s Silicon Allee is fast emerging as Europe’s premier technology centre and has been chosen as home to Infare’s new […]

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Dominique Leroux joins Infare
as Vice President of Marketing

Dominique Leroux joins Infare as Vice President of Marketing worldwide. The key appointment to position Infare for global growth.   […]

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