Behind the billions of data points Infare collects every day is an international team of aviation industry professionals and subject matter experts, all working together to help our clients reach their goals.

In this issue, we take a closer look at a member of the team working behind the scenes to share Infare’s story, Marketing Specialist Goda Juskeviciute. We recently spoke with her about her enthusiasm for technology, marketing and travel, her journey with Infare, and how she works closely with the entire Infare team to nurture a client-centric culture.

What brought you to Infare?

While I was born and raised in Lithuania, I studied architecture and worked in a city outside Copenhagen called Aarhus. It was there that a former colleague introduced me to Infare. As someone who loves working with new technology, being in close proximity with customers and enjoying travel, it seemed like the perfect way to combine my passions. During my interviews, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Infare had an office in my home country. It seemed like fate.

Since joining Infare late 2017, I have assisted in the development and implementation of Infare’s marketing activities to support customer needs. Joining the Infare marketing team was both challenging and exciting. Coming from a different background and having a fresh outlook on the industry has allowed me to contribute my perspective and creativity in a new way. I think everyone is curious about how airlines price their tickets and having a backstage view of this process is fascinating to me.

What changes have you seen in Infare since joining?

The past two years have been an exciting time for me at Infare.

It’s been particularly thrilling to be involved in the launch of Pharos, our next- generation solution that enables airlines to harness the full power of Infare’s competitive airfare data. I also pride myself in helping produce “Infare Insights”, our recently developed newsletter, providing the aviation industry with up-to-date information and news.

Infare has also grown its team with the opening of a commercial office in Berlin in late 2018, with the appointment of Dominique Leroux as Vice President of Marketing earlier this year, followed by Charlotte Gassert as Vice President of Sales-Europe and Mikkel Bønnelycke as CFO more recently. I relocated from Copenhagen to Berlin and became one of the first members of the local team in Berlin. Infare now has four offices across Europe and colleagues around the world and continues to expand to help propel our business growth. I can’t wait to see where Infare will go next!

How do you think Infare supports a client-centric culture?

Under our CCO’s leadership, Harald Eisenaecher, Infare has further strengthened its commitment to customers. We are expanding our global sales team, so we are really speaking the same language as our customers and have a deeper understanding of local markets. Our Customer Service Support team has also implemented innovative solutions to enhance our customers’ experience. And in the Marketing team, we have expanded our team and constantly strive to listen to customer feedback and articulate our value proposition according to customer challenges and needs. We are putting ourselves out in front of the marketplace, engaging with existing and prospective customers at aviation and travel industry events, addressing key industry topics and sharing unique insights. Those are only a few examples of how we stay customer-focused.

What’s next for you and Infare?

Along with colleagues, I will be attending the 2019 World Aviation Festival in London in September and can’t wait to engage with our customers in person and help share Infare’s thought leadership. With the recent launch of the next generation of Pharos, the development of innovative competitive airfare pricing solutions, and the continued growth of the Infare team, the future looks bright for Infare.

Feel free to reach out to Goda directly at to discuss the latest Infare news.



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