New Pharos features provide market insights during challenging times

New Pharos features provide market insights during challenging times

27. April 2020

Supporting the success of our customers is a cornerstone of Infare’s mission. As part of our goal of providing the best experience and value to our users, we have recently introduced several new features and enhancements to Pharos, our exclusive pricing intelligence tool. Coupled with Infare’s comprehensive airfare data, Pharos provides market insights that are critical in today’s extraordinary times.

Data has always played a pivotal role in developing pricing strategies in the aviation industry. Since its release in November 2018, Pharos has been used by revenue management team at airlines across the globe to effectively and efficiently adjust their pricing strategies. In this latest update, we have enriched our Schedule display with additional views to provide added insight, developed a new Statistics section to easily review the status of your subscriptions, as well as incorporate other functionality to improve Pharos’ overall performance.

Schedule display enhancements

As the aviation industry looks towards recovery, the enhanced Schedule views can provide clarity on how a specific market or route is reopening. After choosing an O&D from your subscriptions, a user can navigate to Schedule display to quickly see an overview of the flights currently being offered by both the airline and its competitors over the full date range of your data subscriptions. The improved colour indicators provide a clear picture of which scheduled flights have no longer been observed, schedule changes, flights based on both departure and arrival time, flights that are currently scheduled, as well as new flights that have been added on the route. By utilising this enhanced view with departure and weekday filters, users can more easily see an overview of a market or route and adjust their pricing strategies in response. These new display features can also provide insight on currently exceptionally volatile departure announcements as government regulations influence airlines to change to their domestic and international schedules.

Other features have also been added to the Schedule section to improve the user experience, including the ability to switch between a weekday and a full calendar view when reviewing a specific market or route. Users can now filter their results by arrival time in addition to departure time, providing greater flexibility to revenue managers in determining how the demand for a particular route is influenced by its schedule. By clicking on Flight Mode under the Features tab, users can select to review only specific flights within a route to best make pricing decisions.

New Statistics section

In the newly added Statistics section, users can see an overview of their subscriptions under Collection Status. Here, displayed statistics and graphs show the timeliness of the current subscriptions, with the ability to filter by site, origin or destination for additional information. This overview can assist customers in determining the effectiveness of their subscriptions and highlight potential challenges in collection cycles. During the current crisis, the Collection Status page can quickly provide an overview of your competitors by highlighting which carriers have made broad schedule adjustments based upon the date of the last observation.

Other pages in the Statistics section share information by transactions, display and user on the overall usage of Pharos by your revenue management team, allowing you to remain efficient in your internal processes and bottom line. We will get in contact to set up usage statistics access for your users according to your needs.

These are just a few of the new features shared in the latest Pharos update. During this time of significant change in the aviation industry, we believe these enhancements will provide additional support to our customers as they adjust their pricing strategies. In the coming months, further Pharos updates will be rolled out, all aimed at providing our customers with the insight needed to empower pricing intelligence.