Open Door

Open Door

Join our series of high-impact online hangouts dedicated to our customers

Get the inside track on how you can max out the value from Infare to support your airline’s revenue management and pricing. 

Our first hangout was dedicated to our Customer Portal; our second one to our Pricing and Revenue Management solutions.

Our third hangout will be scheduled soon.

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What happened on Tuesday 27 September

Rapid-fire questions

You got to know better the expert product owner behind some of our Pricing and Revenue Management solutions.

Challenged by Giedrė Žemulaitytė, Infare Head of People, Dominykas Banionis answered a series of rapid-fire questions from our Vilnius office.

Pricing and Revenue Management solutions walk-through

Pharos and Airline PPS are widely-adopted products by our customers worldwide. Both are designed to boost pricing strategy effectiveness and help you to do exactly that.

Airline PPS‘s primary value is to have an instant and global view of all your network to quickly identify where you should focus your attention.
Pharos subsequently helps get the full details on the data we are collecting on your behalf to take the best possible price decision.

Through a classic pricing use case, Jana Gröpke, Infare Training Manager, showed you how to best use them to reach your goals.

Behind the scenes of the Product Owners team

You met our Head of the Product Owners team, Jesper Frimodt and got to know the behind-the-scenes of our product owners team, and discover the new Infare Subscriptions API to optimise your business processes and gain efficiency

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