Pricing intelligence and customer centric culture – the perfect pair

Pricing intelligence and customer centric culture – the perfect pair

26. February 2019

Over the last few years, the aviation industry has begun to adopt a customer-centric approach to how they interact with consumers. From personalising the purchasing journey through smart data to opening new communication channels with customers, airlines are beginning to see a positive return on their investments.

With all these advancements, it is no wonder that the airline industry is looking towards customer-centricity in revenue management and other innovative data solutions as the next step to stay competitive. Understanding micro-segmentation’s influence on dynamic pricing and the creation of branded fares and fare rules are just some ways that the airline industry is tying a customer-centric approach to pricing intelligence.

As the leading supplier of competitive airfare data and pricing intelligence solutions in the aviation industry worldwide, Infare is at the centre of this trend. By bringing cutting-edge smart data and technology together with our customer-centric mission, Infare is helping our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Charlotte Gassert, Infare’s Vice President of Sales in Europe, is always looking for ways that Infare can become a trusted advisor to our customers.

“At Infare, we are committed to listening to our customers and providing solutions that allow them to achieve their goals,”

said Gassert.

In Q2 2019, for example, face-to-face meetings with users of Infare’s platform increased 30 percent, allowing Infare the opportunity to take a more consultative approach with our customers.

“By talking directly with our customers, we can better understand the pain points facing the industry. We can then take this knowledge and recommend personalised solutions,”

explained Gassert.

At Infare, customer-centricity goes beyond traditional face-to-face meetings. At conferences and events like the 2019 World Aviation Festival in London, the Infare team is scheduling in-person meetings in our lounge to learn more about customer needs. Infare also offers dedicated resources to facilitate on-site or customised product training via WebEx for our clients. This overall hands-on approach gives Infare the insight necessary to keep our customers competitive in today’s shifting landscape.

The best way to measure our success is by listening to our customers. In the coming months, we will share more ways in which Infare is placing the customer front and centre. If you have a story to share about how Infare is helping your company build a customer-centric culture, we would love to hear it. At Infare, we are always listening.