Full pricing insight on the performance of 130,000+ routes

Altus is the world’s largest historical airfare database with data sourced from 1500+ booking sites including airlines websites, Online Travel Agencies, Metasearch and GDSs.

With insights into airline pricing strategies, Intelligence and Analytics team can quickly evaluate the performance of each route, as well as individual airlines.

With unique historical flight prices and a forward-looking dataset, you can fully grasp the profitability of airline networks and gain pricing insight on the performance of 130,000+ routes.

Access consistent and transparent information on how carriers perform at the individual route and overall market level to power comparative analysis and benchmarking.

Altus is delivered as Actionable Data Feeds, allowing you to use aggregated and enriched data autonomously to power comparative analysis and benchmark.

Altus benefits and features

Unmatched breadth and depth

Access the most extensive historical pricing database in the world with more than 2 trillion historical airline fares growing by 2 billion airfares every day.

Direct airline data with unique quality and accuracy

Based on a unique give-to-get model, airlines supply data to get competitor data in return which means the highest levels of completeness, consistency, and timeliness.

Power comparative analysis & benchmarking

Use aggregated and enriched data to conduct analysis all the way down to individual flight levels

Transparent and consistent view

Accurate data to give you full pricing insights that fuels the airline industry with non-stop, round-the-clock data aggregations targeting high traffic routes.

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