Data Feeds

Data Feeds

Data Feeds is an Infare service that is fully integrated with your own revenue management system

Leverage the full power of the most comprehensive, record-breaking and trusted airfare data source in the world.

Since 2000, we continuously monitor airline fares 24/7 to provide our customers with the necessary information to understand carrier pricing and revenue management strategies. Every day we collect 2 billion airfares from airlines, online travel agencies and metasearch booking sites.

Data Feeds benefits and features

We validate the collected data on 45 separate criteria, and each observed fare record must be completed on all points to be valid. Examples of validation are realistic price and tax range, appropriate currency and data element internal structure.

This unmatched level of data accuracy enables meaningful analyses of competitor pricing strategies and fare availability on routes up until departure. Our highly accurate airfare data can be effortlessly integrated into all existing revenue management and pricing systems.

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Data feeds

Data feeds

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