Infare Airports

Infare Airports

Dedicated analysis solution for airport route and network planners

Infare Airports is an airfare analytics solution developed to assist route and network planners, as well as analysts in creating solid business cases. It also provides valuable insight when preparing for annual airline meetings.

Infare Airports supports the creation of monthly revenue estimations at carrier origin and destination (O&D) level, thus enabling earning estimations at the overall route level. In addition, it facilitates carriers and flights O&D comparison. Monitoring the performance of your network and comparing it with that of your competitors has never been this easy!

Infare Airports allows you to benchmark your routes against your competitors’ ones at carrier and flight level, thus providing you with a better overview of the competitive environment. It also enables you to view forward-looking snapshots that reveal underlying price changes.

Infare Airports benefits and features

Enhanced price estimate

Thanks to our advanced algorithm, which considers a customers’ buying behaviours, the precision of the price estimate is enhanced by 20 – 25%. To better support your analysis, Airports provides you with several views, including Price, Market Position, Price Buckets, Price Development and Price Development by AP. Use Airports to compare airports at both carrier and flight level, to monitor routes aggregated prices, to define slots prices, to get forward-looking snapshots and to track price developments.


Our data extraction process takes into account relevant booking structures through route-specific booking weights. Consequently, any under-pricing effect is avoided. Additionally, the problem of non-frequent flights is overcome thanks to our bullet-proof advanced search mode, making the data you get truly complete and accurate.

Consistency and Usability

Data is always validated and cleansed before conducting aggregation, which ensures high levels of data consistency and transparency. This proven method results in unmatched data usability.

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