Infare Knowledge sunset | Transition to Pharos


Why is Infare sunsetting Infare Knowledge? 

Over the years, Infare Knowledge has been instrumental in providing you with accurate and reliable pricing data, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay competitive in the ever-evolving market. However, we believe that Pharos offers a range of significant improvements that will elevate your pricing intelligence capabilities to new heights. 


What are the main differences between Infare Knowledge and Pharos? 

Amongst the various enhancements made available on Pharos, we can highlight the following: 

  • Higher performance thanks to a larger and faster data load, with even more details about each data point and a scalable platform to support it  
  • Improved user experience with a savvy page display adapting to users’ behaviours and a smarter flow, as such Pharos is built to be very intuitive 
  • Enhanced customisation capabilities enable users to customise views and data sets to suit whatever needs easily 
  • Dynamic comparison settings allow users to view pre-populated data from the get-go, for each O&D, without any additional effort 
  • New and improved features allow users to harness the full power of Infare’s data for increased value 


When will the transition happen? 

By 31 October 2023, all Infare customers will have transitioned to Pharos.  Your specific transition date can be anytime between now and 31 October 2023. Your Infare Account Manager will confirm the date with you. 


Can I already get access to Pharos and start familiarising myself with it before the cut-off date?  

Yes, we can give you access upon request. It will take approximately two days for you to be set up. 


Will I be able to access Infare Knowledge after the sunsetting? 

Once your transition to Pharos is completed, you can no longer use Infare Knowledge. Infare will start sunsetting Infare Knowledge as of 1 November 2023


Do I need to do anything to prepare for the transition? 

All you need to do is be aware of your transition date and have your credentials ready to access Pharos that day. 


Do we have to pay more for the transition to Pharos? 

Contractual arrangements (including fees) are addressed in our letter to you – when relevant.  In case of doubt, please contact your Account Manager.


Will my login credentials remain the same? 

Your login credentials remain the same. You can access the Customer Portal and Pharos using your current Infare Knowledge credentials.  


Whom should I contact if I have questions about my transition to Pharos? 

If you are new to Pharos or need a refresher course, please contact your Infare Account Manager, who will schedule an online training session with our Training Manager to help you transition smoothly. An online training course will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes.  

For most questions, your usual point of contact remains your Account Manager. 

For specific technical requests, you may be in contact directly with our Customer Support Service team.  


How do I access Pharos? 

Pharos is accessible through the Customer Portal in the My Products section. The Customer Portal URL is 


What if I or my team cannot access Pharos on the Customer Portal? 

Infare must grant you access if you cannot see Pharos as an Active Product under the My Products section on the Customer Portal. Please contact your Infare Account Manager. We will email you a confirmation once all done.  


I used to access the OOM through Infare Knowledge. How will I manage subscriptions moving forward?  

Users with admin OOM rights can access OOM through the Customer Portal under My Subscriptions – Manage Subscriptions or Create Order.

Users with read-only OOM rights can see the overview of subscriptions in the Customer Portal under My Subscriptions

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