Raise Your Concern

Raise Your Concern

Infare Group is committed to conducting business with integrity and doing the right thing for our co-workers, customers, and partners.

If you suspect that the behaviour of an Infare employee or business partner has not been ethical or in accordance with the law, please let us know so that Infare can establish the facts relevant to the matter. Infare ensures that your concern notification is treated seriously and confidentially.

It can be hard to take that step, but it is the best way to sustain a safe, secure and fair work environment. Please remember this, you are protected from any form of retaliation if you raise your concern.


The information you provide to Infare is confidential. Reported person identity will not be disclosed without the person’s written permission. Infare will notify the person no later than 2 working days after receipt of the information about the progress if the notifier leaves contact details with the notification.

All notifications received via reporting channel are routed to the Whistleblowing Investigation Team which consist of legal Concern related to the Infare Legal Team should be reported directly to the Head of Infare VNO, UAB, who shall organise the investigation of Notification.

In general, any action should be reported when...

It could harm public interests

It could cause harm to the health, security, or privacy of employees, customers or third persons

It could cause damage to the environment

It could cause harm to Infare’s business or reputation

It constitutes a violation of laws and regulations (including Infare’s policies issued to comply with laws and regulations)

You don’t have to have any proof to report your suspicion, but all messages should be reported in good faith.

Reporting channel

Get in contact with the Whistleblowing Investigation Team via email at raiseyourconcern@infare.com

It is important to make sure the information contained in the notification you submit to the Whistleblowing Investigation Team is as concrete as possible so that it can be processed and investigated in an appropriate manner. It is helpful if your notification covers the following five questions:

Who? What? When? How? Where?

We recommend that you complete this Notification Form and send us by email.

Please make sure that the descriptions contained in your notification can be easily understood by persons who are not specialists in your field. It would be helpful if you are available to answer further questions. If you do not wish to disclose your identity, you may remain anonymous when contacting via reporting channel. However, please keep in mind that anonymity may impede a quick or thorough investigation or the success of a later prosecution.

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Raise Your Concern

Raise Your Concern

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