The adoption of NDC, coupled with a rise in customer personalisation and the need for smarter data, is changing the face of the airline industry. To stay ahead of the curve, airlines are looking at new ways to reach and connect with consumers.

As part of the 2019 World Aviation Festival in London, Infare’s Chief Commercial Officer, Harald Eisenaecher, will present on the future of pricing intelligence in the airline industry.
On 5 September, Eisenaecher will discuss how airlines are utilising next-generation retail techniques to attract and retain customers. In today’s competitive market, airlines are looking more closely at their distribution models as well as learning from B2C eCommerce players, using pricing intelligence strategies and technologies to optimise revenues for the seats and services that they sell. To meet this demand, airfare data consumption will continue to rise at a staggering pace. “Infare is already seeing a notable increase in data consumption over the past two years and we are predicting these numbers will continue to soar,” notes Eisenaecher.
The secret behind airline profitability
In addition to speaking on pricing intelligence, Eisenaecher will also join the panel discussion, “Will the future of low-cost competition be driven by digital technology and how will LCCs utilise digital to differentiate themselves in a hyper-competitive market?” on 5 September.
Eisenaecher, along with senior industry leaders from Transavia France, Wizz Air, Allegiant Air, Navitaire and RMS, will take a closer look at how the use of technology and smarter data is differentiating LCCs in today’s marketplace. According to Eisenaecher, “LCCs are utilising smart data in order to stay ahead of the curve in pricing intelligence. Ancillary revenue, dynamic pricing and bundling are just a few ways that LCCs are seeing real results and real profits.”



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