Passion and innovation are at the core of Infare’s mission, and no one personifies these traits more than Infare’s new Chief Technology Officer Fredrik Palm. An experienced leader with over 23 years of experience at software and mobile technology companies around the world, Fredrik has a drive for engineering and software development.

His first job took him to Australia for six months, igniting his interest in the intersection of travel and technology. When not spending time with his family in Malmö, Fredrik enjoys cycling on both the road and in the forest, as well as renovating houses. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the latest member of Infare’s leadership team to learn more about his role, his passion for technology and his vision for taking Infare to new heights.

Welcome to Infare, Fredrik. Can you share what motivated you to join us?

First off, let me say that I am very excited to join the team. I have always thrived in environments where I was encouraged to forge new paths and seek innovation, and Infare is the perfect place to continue my journey. Infare is well-known as a global leader in the travel industry, and the company’s vision and substantial growth over the last twenty years are unmatched. I was drawn to Infare by this growth trajectory and the willingness to bring in new talent and expertise to further expand its position in the marketplace. I am looking forward to working with our talented software team on fresh ways to deliver real power and knowledge to our customers.

Fredrik Palm CTO Infare Software Development

Can you describe your role within Infare?

Digital transformation has always been a hallmark of my career, and my role within Infare is no exception. I believe it is important to nurture an open, collaborative working environment to foster real innovation. I plan to focus on evolving Infare’s product offerings and developing a technical roadmap with an emphasis on innovation and customer needs. I aim to create a world-class software development team that promotes collaboration and delivers real value to our customers, all while having fun do it.

What is your vision for Infare?

As a new decade begins, the sky is the limit for Infare. Creating new technology is not enough – we must look for ways to create a partnership with our customers to support their success. Whether expanding our breadth and depth of the data we deliver to our clients or exploring the potential of AI and machine learning to provide actionable pricing insight, the needs of the customer will continue to be at the core of everything we do at Infare. My vision is to offer more than data and technology solutions to our customers, rather timely, actionable pricing insight and best practices on how to use this knowledge to boost their profitability. That is the real value that Infare brings to the travel industry, and I am delighted to be a part of the team.


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