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Infare is the leading provider of competitor air travel data, empowering airlines to make effective pricing decisions.

Our mission is to fuel airline systems with high-quality competitor air travel data delivered daily, multiple times a day or live.

Thanks to the greatest airline customer footprint, we offer the highest data quality unmatched in the industry, with an average of 97,5% based on timeliness and completeness. The depth of our data is equally unparalleled, with up to 200 attributes in premium format. We provide the largest quantity of air travel data achieved through direct distribution channels – about 3.1 billion daily.

For airlines demanding the very highest quality competitor air travel data as a critical piece in driving revenue growth,
Infare is the partner of choice.

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Our customers are saying

  • Partnering with Infare has transformed our pricing strategy. Their insights improve our average fares and seasonality, and their constant updates on competitor fares give us the edge to stay ahead.
    Umesh Chhiber
    Umesh Chhiber SVP - Revenue, Retail & Cargo at Oman Air
  • Customer centricity, innovative services and focus on quality are essential to Lufthansa Group. Infare's distribution and retail solution provides us transparency about our offer display and goes a long way in increasing end-customer value and reach.
    Julian Meersse
    Julian Meersse Head of Offer Placement Leisure at Lufthansa Group
  • I am very happy about the long-standing partnership with Infare and the Pharos tool's positive impact on market analysts' day-to-day activities.
    Antti Tolvanen
    Antti Tolvanen Vice President Revenue Management at Finnair
  • It's very important for us to get a clear picture of the market and Pharos helps us do that. Our calculations are based on the data we get from Pharos, and we use this every day to stay in line with other low-cost carriers.
    Neville Vassallo
    Neville Vassallo Revenue Management Senior Analyst at Air Malta
  • Quality data has always been key to having the insight necessary for informed decision-making. As we see travel demand improving and our business growing again, our data requirements naturally evolve, and Infare continues to support us.
    Jason Nakano
    Jason Nakano Senior Director, Revenue Analytics at Hawaiian Airlines
  • We strive to become one of the most favourable carriers in APAC; our competitive pricing being a success criterion. Reliable and easy-to-consume airfare data are invaluable for the management team to look into revenue optimisation.
    Hang Bui
    Hang Bui Head of Revenue Management at Vietnam Airlines
  • Our competitors have a lot of campaigns, which means they lower and increase their prices very quickly. We must be on top of this. Infare allows me to track and act on these fast-changing market developments.
    Sami Wik
    Sami Wik Demand Analyst at Finnair
  • As global travel demand rebounds and travel returns in Thailand, we put all chances by our side and got access to the most reliable competitive airfare data available in the market, confident it will boost our RM practices.
    Amonkorn Maita Director
    Amonkorn Maita Director Pricing & Revenue Management at Bangkok Airways
  • Infare data powers our internal tools and helps streamline our approaches. The data's quality, accuracy, and delivery frequency are much more efficient than manual work. Being highly standardised makes it the "plug-and-play" data input for numerous airline solutions.
    Bach Luong
    Bach Luong Executive of Revenue Management at Vietnam Airlines

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