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Airfare benchmarking data empowers pricing intelligence

For two decades now, Infare has been providing airfare benchmarking data to empower pricing intelligence in the global airline and travel industry.

Today, Infare data delivers total market and customer insight with the most comprehensive dataset of current and past airfares. We are trusted by
250+ airlines, 20 airports and 15 agencies.

Tomorrow, Infare will offer total insight on all pricing components, to any channel, in a cost-effective way.

Your Business

<h2><strong><span style="color: #dc2450;">AIRLINES</h2></span></strong>


At Infare, we understand the demands airlines are facing in today’s competitive marketplace. Using our range of airfare intelligence solutions, you have full access to superior airfare data and in-depth analysis.

<h2><strong><span style="color: #dc2450;">AIRPORTS</h2></span></strong>


We provide airports with in-depth historical and forward-looking insight into the profitability of an airline network that will give you an extra edge in creating solid monthly revenue estimations while building competitive business cases for your airport.

<h2><strong><span style="color: #dc2450;">TRAVEL AGENCIES</h2></span></strong>


We provide online travel agencies, travel management companies and tour operators with full pricing transparency of various packages’ components and the ability to benchmark retail airfares in relation to competitors.


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Infare Insights

Malaysia Airlines partners with Infare

Malaysia Airlines partners with Infare to attain record growth in 2019

Every day, airlines are challenged to provide value to travellers while remaining competitive in their pricing strategies. Malaysia Airlines achieved […]

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Air Malta partners with Infare

Air Malta partners with Infare to bring increased value to passengers

Every day, the global travel industry looks to Infare to provide the most comprehensive and trusted airfare data and business […]

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Ryanair partner Infare

Ryanair partners with Infare to
stay the low-cost leader

At Infare, we are always looking for ways to assist our clients in being innovative and agile. Low-cost carriers such […]

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Case Study: Malaysia Airlines partners with Infare to attain record growth

Case Study: Malaysia Airlines partners with Infare to attain record growth

Malaysia Airlines operates in a demanding environment driven by overcapacity in the South-East Asian region and domestic markets. Read our case study to learn how the carrier achieved record-breaking results in this extremely competitive landscape.

Case Study: Ryanair partners with Infare to lead on low-cost airfares

Case Study: Ryanair partners with Infare to lead on low-cost airfares

This new case study showcases how our insights have helped Ryanair maintain its position as the leading lowest-fare carrier in Europe. The airline partnered with us back in January 2016 and renewed the partnership in 2019. Find out how Infare’s data and expertise empowers Ryanair to continuously optimise its pricing strategies and sustain an impressive level of commercial success.

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