Market trends

Free of charge to our airline customers: Insights on bookable flights and pricing evolution with Market Trends

3. August 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to put an enormous strain on people and industries around the world. At Infare, we’re witnessing how this is significantly affecting business operations for airlines, with bookable flights and airfare prices still experiencing constant change on a global, regional and local level.

Having been part of the aviation family for two decades, Infare has lived through many of the past challenges the travel sector has faced – but this pandemic has created an unprecedented situation, and one that requires new ways of thinking and different approaches to analysing data.

Our number one priority during this time remains the same – to support the recovery of the airline industry by helping our clients make effective and informed pricing decisions. And to do this, we have launched a new tool with our exclusive partner, Air Cube: Market Trends (part of Airline PPS). It is free of charge for our airline customers during the individual airline’s recovery.

Visualise Infare’s world-leading airfare data

By harnessing our world-leading airfare data, Market Trends is a visual analytics tool that allows clients to take a granular look at how markets are adjusting their traffic and prices. An intuitive dashboard provides a view of these prices, as well as the number of available bookable flights, internet searches and detailed revenue estimates.

Upon accessing the tool, users can customise views in the dashboard by selecting from multiple market dimensions specific to their needs – such as departure dates, cabin classes and country or region. From here, they can see information and benchmarking for observation timelines and consult a chart to view visualisations of the data for a close analysis of key market developments.

The dataset that powers these insights features bookable airfares collected from more than 77,000 traffic-intensive airport pairs worldwide and over 360 carriers.

Enhance commercial and financial decision-making

Our aim with Market Trends is to offer our airline clients a valuable tool that can enhance their commercial and financial decision-making during the ongoing crisis. The unique insights it provides shed light on the speed and early indications of recovery for the industry and allows our customers to discover markets where recovery may already be underway.

For more information or to enquire about our customer trial, visit Market Trends.