The new Pharos is taking off

The new Pharos is taking off

25. January 2019

With our new Pricing Intelligence solution, we have launched Pharos, the next-generation tool of choice, for analysing competitive pricing behaviours. Pharos is a customer led innovation and we highly encourage you to discover it for yourself – a free Pharos Demo is available now! Our global team of travel experts are here to introduce you to the insiders insights of airline pricing worldwide.

infare free pharos demo

A Free Pharos Demo is Available Now


The way airlines use data to support their business needs has evolved dramatically over the past decade. Furthermore, what was then a simple price comparison, is now a key driver of profitability. Bellow are some highlights how the new Pharos can make any airline revenue management strategies more successful:


Pharos has been built with the highest degree of personalisation to allow each and every airline to easily fine-tune Pharos’ setting to its most specific business needs, depleting the need to repeat dashboard configuration.


Pharos automates peer group analysis thanks to dynamic comparisons between carriers, making it possible to identify profitable opportunities amid hundreds of billions of competitor airfare observations.


Pharos delivers total market insight of competitive airfares, from real-time snapshots to classic demand curve analysis. The software seamlessly streams, visualises and tailors rapidly changing market data from more than 1300 sources validated though Infare’s 45 quality criteria to the exact needs of each airline.


Pharos provides a smooth, integrated user experience designed to provide rapid actionable insights for revenue management decision-making, to harness the full power of airfare data and substantially increase airlines’ profitability.

Pharos next-generation pricing intelligence tool




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