Infare partners with Fetcherr

23. May 2022

Fetcherr and Infare partner to enhance airlines’ revenue performance


Fetcherr, an Israeli start-up that provides demand and pricing insights for airlines, is partnering with Infare, a leading provider of competitor air travel data, to enrich its cloud-based retailing enterprise solution and enhance the revenue performance of joint airline customers.

Fetcherr is behind the revolutionary AI-powered Demand Estimator and Pricing Intelligence Engine that was created to enable airlines to migrate legacy infrastructure into a cutting-edge retailing environment seamlessly. Based on sophisticated algo-trading system architecture, the engine accurately predicts demand and enables continuous pricing for the airline industry.

Infare collects 2.1 billion unique airfare every day, giving its customers access to a trillion historical airfares collected over more than ten years. By partnering with Infare, Fetcherr will add Infare’s airfare data into its system, providing joint airline customers with powerful competitive insights to boost their revenue optimisation.


Nils Gelbjerg-Hansen, founder and CEO of Infare, said:

“Empowering airlines to make effective data-driven decisions is our mission. By collaborating with partners like Fetcherr, we further expand the reach of our data, making it available and consumable by more carriers. Our joint approach with a leading European airline, at the moment, is proving valuable, paving the way for many more joint opportunities.”


Roy Cohen, CEO of Fetcherr, added:

“Our company journey started in 2019 with our first major milestone reached in 2021 when our system went into production with our first commercial agreement signed. As part of our growth plan, we must partner with leading providers in their domain. Infare is the leader in competitor airfare data, collaborating together has been a swift decision. Together, we can bring the innovation airlines need to boost their revenue performance.”