Vacation PPS

Airlines and tour operators’ holidays and vacation packages departments face numerous challenges in today’s highly competitive travel industry.

Competitiveness requires agility, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. Travellers have increasingly become more price-sensitive and are often drawn to deals and discounts, putting pressure on holiday and vacation package departments to offer competitive pricing. Competition from other airlines and tour operators can also be intense, requiring constant innovation and improvement of holiday packages and services to remain relevant and attractive to customers.


Vacation PPS provides competitive insights into flight, hotel and car prices, helping airlines and tour operators optimise vacation packages’ pricing.

Vacation provides several views to extract as much value as possible from the data simply and intuitively. With filters, dashboards can easily be customised to reveal analysis based on criteria such as carrier codes, cabin class, hotel board basis and direct or indirect flights. Using the visual analytics tool helps quickly and easily identify how pricing compares to competitors to focus on adjusting the routes and dates that matter most.

Benefits and features

High usability

Query, export, analyse and combine the data with internal information, making it easy to understand and re-evaluate package pricing in the market.

Drill down to detailed data, moving from a network overview to city-by-city and hotel-by-hotel views in an intuitive interface.

Flexible data integration

Our system collects information from all subscribed online vacation package providers.

Data can be collected daily, weekly or monthly, as per needs.

Choose how many destinations, competitors and departure dates to track.

Easily track how competitive a pricing strategy is over your whole network by region, country or city.

Full transparency

Access transparent, competitive pricing for vacation packages without the need to guess the value of the various components of one’s and others’ vacation packages.

See detailed tables of package prices for every departure date, booking site and property for easy hotel-by-hotel price tracking.

Intuitive comparisons

Obtain intuitive comparisons of individual hotels across multiple data sources as our hotel mapping model structures the different types of hotels and matches the listed hotels to a unique hotel ID in Infare’s database.

Data accuracy is further increased when multiple identifiers such as name, address, geo-location and supplier hotel IDs are available.

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