Ryanair partners with Infare to stay the low-cost leader

Ryanair partners with Infare to stay the low-cost leader

22. January 2020

At Infare, we are always looking for ways to assist our clients in being innovative and agile. Low-cost carriers such as Ryanair rely on our vast airfare benchmarking data and pioneering solutions to stay competitive. In our recently published Ryanair case study, we share how the airline partners with Infare to lead on low-cost airfares.

Ryanair has achieved an impressive record since launching in 1984. It currently transports over 150 million passengers annually on more than 2,400 flights a day, and with a further 210 aircraft on order, the Dublin based airline has set its sights on carrying 200 million passengers a year by 2024.

To retain its competitive advantage and stay committed to passengers, Ryanair’s Revenue Management team must continuously collect and analyse fare data from all competitors in the marketplace. This allows the airline to effectively revise its pricing strategies and provide customers with the most attractive option for any given route. To do this, Ryanair requires a reliable source of airfare data along with the right tools to make sense of the information.

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At Infare, our comprehensive airfare data and solutions have helped Ryanair maintain its position as the leading lowest-fare carrier in Europe. The airline partnered with us back in January 2016 and after seeing the results, renewed the partnership in 2019.

Download our case study to find out how Ryanair works with us to:

• Revise airfare pricing strategies on a daily basis
• Maximise revenues using the world’s most reliable source of airfare data
• Identify new price opportunities in the low-cost market