The next generation of airline pricing strategies

The next generation of airline pricing strategies

5. July 2019
The average transatlantic flight generates around 1,000 gigabytes of data, starting from the moment a customer begins to search for a flight and ending when they pick up their luggage from baggage claim. Each of these touchpoints provides invaluable data to the travel industry, which is leading to innovations in airline pricing strategies.


The adoption of NDC is providing airlines with increased control of their distribution model. This control is leading to a more personalised and tailored shopping experience for customers. Pricing intelligence based on up-to-date airfare information is changing the rules of the game for both airlines and the travel industry at large. The implementation of AI and machine learning within the passenger journey is revolutionising travel. From rate parity to dynamic pricing, the next generation of airline pricing strategies will be rooted in data.

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The future of pricing strategies

As part of the 2020 Aviation Strategy Forum, Infare CCO Harald Eisenaecher will present on how data is shaping the next generation of airline pricing strategies. The forum will be held in Winchester on 24-25 March 2020 and brings together a select group of C-suite level aviation industry executives to learn from leading travel and technology industry professionals. Eisenaecher will join leaders from Vueling Airlines, Eurowings, British Airways, LOT Polish Airlines and more to present on how data is impacting pricing strategies at this exclusive event.

Topics being explored as part of the forum include in-depth looks at how airlines and airports are transforming all aspects the traveller experience through the use of data. According to Eisenaecher, “Over the coming years, airlines will become increasingly data-driven in their pricing strategies. With all of the touchpoints we have within the travel industry, it is now more important than ever to come together and harness this power.”

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Let’s talk about how we can work with your airline to unlock the power of airfare data to implement smart pricing intelligence strategies.

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