Airline PPS

Airline executives face numerous challenges in managing and optimising their airline’s network. These challenges include balancing capacity and demand, optimising pricing strategies for different routes and flights, and identifying new revenue opportunities.

To effectively address these challenges, airline executives require instant and customisable network insights that provide accurate and timely data on how different routes and flights are performing in terms of revenue and profitability. Without access to instant and customisable network insights, airline executives risk missing revenue opportunities, making suboptimal pricing decisions, and losing their competitive edge in the highly competitive airline industry.


Airline PPS gives access to instant and customisable network insights for airline executives and pricing analysts who seek to optimise their airline’s network, load-factor and increase profitability.

This unique and intuitive product provides airlines with accurate, reliable and up-to-date airfare competitive data in near real-time, making it effortless to make informed pricing decisions quickly. Insights are customisable as airlines often have unique network structures and pricing strategies that require tailored solutions.

Benefits and features

Focused insights

Instantly identify the markets and departure periods on which there is a need to focus, without wasting time on competitive routes, with the Price Adjustment and Revenue Potential indicators.

Consistency across the organisation

Take advantage of convenient and time-saving aggregation and drill-down capabilities to serve the diverse needs of airline executives and pricing analysts.

Agility in pricing decisions

Obtain pertinent bespoke data aggregation taking into account the airline network specificities. Analyse how airfares are positioned at the network or regional level and instantly pinpoint the markets where prices must be adjusted.

Flexibility and instant alerts

Select, drill down and filter data to create customised views that are downloadable into a desired format.

Fully automate the usage of the product with unlimited saved views and email subscriptions for alerts, optimising time and increasing efficiency.

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