Instantaneous insight on your prices in comparison to those of your competitors

Utilising Infare’s airfare data, our partner Air Cube created Airline PPS and Market Trends : a revolutionary set of solutions that allow you to monitor your prices against the competition and key market developments seamlessly, and act immediately.
Airline PPS offers insights on your prices in comparison to those of your competitors, enabling you to see quickly if your prices are higher, lower or matching the competition per region, per country and even down to each market. With prices updated daily, analysts can closely monitor how their fares are positioned, identify gaps and swiftly act to adjust.
Market Trends is a visual analytics tool that lets you see how markets are adjusting their traffic and prices. As a new component of the existing Airline PPS product, you can view prices, along with the number of bookable flights, internet searches and revenue estimates for specific international, regional and domestic markets. The dataset features bookable airfares collected from more than 77,000 traffic-intensive airport pairs worldwide and over 360 carriers.
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Airline PPS key benefits and features

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Consistency across your organisation</h2></span></strong>

Consistency across your organisation

Airline PPS offers aggregation and drill-down capabilities to support your full organisation, from top management to individual pricing analysts. Convenient and time-saving, it also ensures complete consistency across your organisation.

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Agility in your pricing decisions</h2></span></strong>

Agility in your pricing decisions

Airline PPS is customised to take into consideration the network specificities that you define, allowing for bespoke and pertinent data aggregation. Analyse at the network or regional level how your fares are positioned and instantly pin-point the markets where prices need to be adjusted.

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Flexibility and instant alerts</h2></span></strong>

Flexibility and instant alerts

With Airline PPS, you can select, drill-down and filter to create customised views that are downloadable into your desired format. You can also quickly access your saved views with refreshed data whenever you like, or even set-up recurring alerts to receive them directly in your mailbox.

Market Trends benefits


<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Global unique insights</h2></span></strong>

Global unique insights

Market Trends PPS harnesses Infare’s world-leading airfare data to provide an unparalleled view on all carriers and routes, instantaneously

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Deep dive for your markets </h2></span></strong>

Deep dive for your markets

Drill down into global, regional and domestic trends for any given timeframe to get a detailed look at key markets

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Actionable data for strategic decisions</h2></span></strong>

Actionable data for strategic decisions

Use the tool to enhance commercial and financial decision-making. View prices, the number of bookable flights, internet searches and revenue estimates

Download Airline PPS product sheet


Download Airline PPS product sheet

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