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Air travel is an essential part of modern life, connecting people and businesses across the world. With the rise of online travel agencies (OTAs) and metasearch engines (MSEs), distribution channels have become increasingly important for airlines to reach customers, and complexity has increased.

 Airlines must monitor such channels to ensure their fares are distributed adequately and identify potential price undercuts leading to decreased revenue and profitability. This last challenge is compounded by the fact that different channels can offer vastly different prices for the same flight when distributed. This disparity in airfare across channels can result in lost revenue for airlines and lead to customer confusion and dissatisfaction. Therefore, monitoring the airfare availability and disparity across channels is crucial for airlines to ensure they are pricing their flights appropriately and remaining competitive. Monitoring airfare disparity across channels can help airlines optimise their pricing strategies and improve their bottom line.


With Channel Monitor, airlines can quickly analyse their distribution channels and develop strategies to ensure their airfares are visible and pricing remains competitive while maintaining profitability.

This business intelligence solution allows airline distribution and retailing teams to establish a level playing field across all airfare distribution channels. By identifying where, when and in what distribution channels rate disparity issues arise, Channel Monitor enables airlines to address discrepancies with quantifiable evidence.

Benefits and features

Distribution miss across channels

Understand where an airline route is missing in any distribution channel.

Obtain a report to help resolve the issue with the relevant partner efficiently.

Monitor the evolution and the impact of the actions taken over time.

Focus on price disparity across channels

Get a high-level overview of rate disparity occurrences by channel.

Dynamically track how often disparities occur.

Understand by how much on and in which channels and markets violations occur.

Detailed disparity evidence list

Seamlessly drill down to a fully detailed list of disparity occurrences.

Quickly set up automated alerts and obtain customised downloadable reports.

Obtain tangible and accurate data to improve rate parity across all your distribution channels

Retail channels benchmark

Instantly see how an airline’s prices compare to competitors’ prices on retail partners’ websites.

Get accurate and timely information to push promotional fares on selected partners’ sites at the right time and at the right price.


Maintaining a positive brand image

Maintaining a strong brand image is essential for airlines to attract and retain customers. One factor that can significantly impact an airline’s brand image is transparency. When customers see significant price differences for the same flight across various channels, it can lead to confusion and frustration, potentially causing them to question the airline’s pricing strategy and integrity. This negative perception can result in a damaged brand image, leading to a loss of customer trust and loyalty.

With Channel Monitor, airlines can efficiently monitor airfare availability and disparity across channels and ensure they offer consistent and fair pricing to all customers. By doing so, airlines can maintain a positive brand image and establish themselves as reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of their customers.

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