Pharos next-generation pricing intelligence tool

Total market insight for the revenue management ecosystem

Pharos is a game-changing pricing intelligence tool that allows you to harness the full power of Infare’s data – the most comprehensive, rigorously vetted and trusted source in the world. Pharos delivers complete market insight, from real-time snapshots to classic demand curve analysis, making it the key to more profitable revenue management strategies.

Pharos significantly boosts carriers’ revenues by unlocking fare pricing opportunities worth millions of dollars annually. With the highest degree of user personalisation, Pharos streams, visualises and tailors rapidly changing market data to your exact needs.

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Pharos key benefits and features



Personalised interpretation

Pharos can be customised to your needs, depleting the need for you to repeat dashboard configuration.

You can create:

Tailored market portfolios

Dynamic comparison sets

Custom-made filters

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Infare Pharos

Dynamic pricing comparison

Pharos automates peer group analysis, thanks to dynamic comparisons between carriers, giving you immediate visibility of your subscriptions right out of the box.

You receive:

Meaningful visualisation for each O&D, from your first login

Up-to-date views of your available subscriptions, even as they change

A reliable benchmark as you create your own more advanced custom comparisons



Real-time snapshots

Real-time snapshots allow you to see the latest fares within minutes, multiplying your chances to stay ahead of the competition.

You can analyse:

Low-fare flights on over 80,000 routes

Multiple fare families

Live snapshots for the latest fares



Actionable insight

Our integrated user interface is designed to provide you with rapid insights for agile revenue management decision-making.

You can examine:

Multiple observations at once

Competitor benchmarks

The effects of external events

Download Pharos product sheet


Download Pharos product sheet

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