In the airline industry, pricing and revenue management teams must constantly navigate a highly competitive landscape.

With numerous airlines competing for market share, pricing and revenue management teams must stay informed about their competitors’ pricing strategies and market positioning to make informed pricing decisions.¬†This is where competitive intelligence comes into play.¬†Competitive intelligence involves gathering and analysing data on competitor pricing, capacity, customer segmentation, and market positioning, among other factors. By accessing competitive intelligence, pricing and revenue management teams can better understand the competitive landscape and adjust their pricing strategies to remain competitive while maximising revenue and profitability.


Pharos gives pricing and revenue management teams access to in-depth airfare insights and helps airlines to identify new revenue opportunities, such as new markets or customer segments that are currently underserved, taking revenue management to new heights.

This innovative product delivers complete market insight, from real-time snapshots to classic demand curve analysis, making it the key to more profitable revenue management strategies. Pharos significantly boosts carriers’ revenue by unlocking fare pricing opportunities worth millions of dollars annually.

Benefits and features

Personalised interpretation

Create tailored market portfolios, dynamic comparison sets and custom-made filters to your needs.

Real-time snapshots

See the latest fares within minutes, point and click selection of your time range and target competitors, increasing your chances of staying ahead of the competition.

Actionable insight

Examine multiple observations simultaneously, competitor benchmarks and the effects of external events, seasonality and holidays for agile revenue management decision-making.

Dynamic pricing comparison

Gain immediate visibility of subscribed O&Ds with automated peer group analysis.

Access meaningful visualisation for each O&D from the first login.

Get up-to-date views of available subscriptions as they change.


On all competitive routes, airline Revenue Managers routinely scour their markets for price opportunities and steering patterns, setting the best competitive yet attractive price points for all types of travellers. With Pharos, our customers predict and verify daily revenue management decisions in Pharos to steer prices in the days approaching take-off while carefully keeping prices competitive and visible through all channels. They value rapid price visualisation and use Pharos analytics alongside their revenue management systems and booking curve analysis.

Whatever competitor data subscriptions are routinely used by revenue managers and pricing teams, there is often a need to look at new routes or the need for fresher data. These ad hoc observation searches go beyond standard subscriptions and are obtained through the User Defined Search (UDS) application fed by the Infare global data feeds and any other source upon request. It is a pay-as-you-go data service integrated into Pharos as a separate tab with the possibility of exporting the data into XLSX or CSV. We also offer separate Data feeds for UDS data collection.

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