Market Trends is a visual analytics tool for unique competitive airfare, demand and macro-economic data. It is designed primarily for airline revenue management and pricing teams, also benefitting all other travel industry players.
With Market Trends, you can gain powerful insights on airlines worldwide allowing you to quickly adapt your pricing strategy by easily grasping price fluctuations.
Market Trends helps you stay ahead of the game by keeping up with changes on both demand and offer and by understanding seat capacity trends at a time of high cancellation rate. It supports your recovery efforts during periods of high volatility and new normality.
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Market Trends key benefits and features

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Global unique insights</h2></span></strong>

Global unique insights

Market Trends harnesses Infare’s world-leading airfare data to provide an unparalleled view of all carriers and routes instantaneously.

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Deep dive for your markets </h2></span></strong>

Deep dive for your markets

Drill down into global, regional and domestic trends for any given timeframe to get a detailed look at key markets

<h2><strong><span style="color: #228c91;">Actionable data for strategic decisions</h2></span></strong>

Actionable data for strategic decisions

Use the tool to enhance commercial and financial decision-making. View prices, the number of bookable flights, internet searches and revenue estimates


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