Retailer PPS

Online travel agencies (OTAs) and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) rely heavily on competitive insights to understand the landscape of published and private airfares.

Published airfares are those available to the public, while private airfares are typically offered exclusively to certain groups, such as loyalty program members or corporate clients. By analysing published and private airfares, OTAs and TMCs can gain a deeper understanding of pricing strategies used by airlines and other competitors and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly. This allows them to offer competitive pricing to their customers and remain relevant. Competitive insight into airfares can also help identify market trends and opportunities, such as new routes or destinations, and adjust their business strategies accordingly. In short, competitive insight into published and private airfares is crucial for OTAs and TMCs to succeed and grow in the competitive travel industry.


Retailer PPS allows Distribution and Retail teams to benchmark published or private airfares against competitor online travel agencies (OTAs), metasearch engines (MSEs) and airline websites and analyse market and carrier trends.

With Retailer PPS, Distribution and Retail teams can easily benchmark prices across their whole distribution network or by looking at specific markets, routes, or airlines. Using our comprehensive airfare data and blending it with the OTA or TMC specificities, the product offers a fully tailored benchmark solution to optimise pricing and maximise revenues.

Benefits and features

Robust, actionable insights

Understand the competitive status of origin, destination regions, or countries over a given travel period.

Drill down from a regional position over several weeks or months of departures to a detail per O&D and departure date.

Highly customisable

Define specific parameters to ensure the views and reports consider your specificities, including key markets, competitors, geographical regions and competitive strategy.

All pricing analytics needs in a single solution

How do prices change from one day or week to the next per destination?

Which of my competitors is driving that change with which carriers?

How are prices evolving on average per week or month of departure for each destination or each retailer?

Who is driving the most competitive offer from A to B today? With which carrier?

Which airline booking codes (RBDs) are available on each OTA?

All those questions, and more, can be answered using the various dashboards in Retailer PPS.

Flexibility and instant alerts

Select, drill down and filter data to create customised views that are downloadable into a desired format.

Fully automate the usage of the product with unlimited saved views and email subscriptions for alerts, optimising time and increasing efficiency.

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