In-depth insight on your competitive stance in the market for travel agencies

Developed by our exclusive partner Air Cube and powered by Infare’s extensive airfare data, Retailer PPS allows you to benchmark your published or private airfares against competitor online travel agencies (OTAs), metasearch engines (MSEs) and airline websites, as well as analyse market and carrier trends.
With Retailer PPS, you can easily compare your prices vs your competitors’, enabling you to see quickly if your fares are higher, lower or matching the competition per market, per route or per airline. Utilising our comprehensive airfare data and blending it with your own specificities, Retailer PPS offers a fully tailored benchmark solution to optimise your pricing and maximise your revenues.
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Retailer PPS key benefits and features


Know your competitive stance

Retailer PPS is designed to show your competitive position at a glance efficiently. Our Price Position Report makes it simple to see how competitive you are on origin or destination regions or countries over a given travel period and lets you seamlessly drill down from a regional position over several weeks or months of departures to a detail per O&D and per departure date. Highly customisable, Retailer PPS lets you define specific parameters to ensure the views and reports take into consideration your specificities, including key markets, key competitors, geographical regions and competitive strategy.


Cover all your pricing analytics needs in a single solution

• How are prices changing from one day or week to the next per destination overall?
• Which of my competitors is driving that change and with which carriers?
• How are prices evolving on average per week or month of departure for each destination or each retailer?
• Who is driving the most competitive offer from A to B today? With which carrier? On which flight number(s)?

Instantly answer these questions and more with our unique cloud-based solution available 24/7/365.


Automate your business processes

With Retailer PPS you can select, drill-down and filter to create customised views that are downloadable into various formats for further analysis or presentations. You can also quickly access your saved views with refreshed data whenever you like, or even set-up recurring alerts to receive them directly in your mailbox at the appropriate frequency.

Download Retailer PPS product sheet


Download Retailer PPS product sheet

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