Tired of rate disparity? We have the solution for you

Tired of rate disparity? We have the solution for you

25. March 2019

When it comes to pricing and rate parity, airlines are facing two major challenges. On one hand, they need to compete against fellow travel brands within their competitive set, to remain in the driving seat or at least stay in the game. On the other hand, airlines also need to keep track of their own rates across all distribution channels, monitoring their direct channel (airline website) Vs. indirect channels (OTAs and Metasearch).

With the proliferation of distribution channels and the inherent complexity of pricing, the risk of rate disparity for airlines increases substantially, leaving them with a potential revenue loss and brand damage. Indeed, what is at stake for airlines is not so much to bring back bookings on their direct channels – after all, some OTAs have originally been created by airlines themselves – but essentially to safeguard their brand by not allowing rate disparity on other channels, presenting their products incorrectly.

With Channel Monitor, Infare and Air Cube aim to facilitate the establishment of a level playing field for airline distribution by monitoring price differences between direct and indirect channels.

Infare Airline Channel Monitor

Channel Monitor is a key feature within our portfolio of pricing intelligence solutions, as it allows airlines to track precisely where and when their prices in indirect channels are not aligned with their own website prices.

Channel Monitor offers aggregated overviews to track where and when rate disparity occurs between direct Vs. indirect channel. These occurrences are then compiled and aggregated to highlight which indirect channel is showing different prices most regularly and by how much.


Channel Monitor also offers a detailed list of occurrences where price differences are observed for the exact same travel solutions – same route, same flight number, same departure and return date, same cabin. For each occurrence, the exact price returned on airline website and on the one(s) of distribution partner(s) is clearly identified, so nothing can fall through the cracks.

Channel Monitor offers extensive filters and multiple views from high-level down to specific days, O&Ds or channel, enabling users to create bespoke reports with the insight needed to efficiently manage sales and distribution, and clearly identify where and when disparities occur. Users can also set up alerts to signal when major disparities occur, enabling them to act faster.

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Infare channel monitor

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