Infare has been partnering with Aegean Airlines for over eight years now, providing their revenue management team with Airfare Big Data and Pricing Intelligence solutions. We have had a recent conversation with Roland Jaggi, Chief Commercial Officer at Aegean Airlines, about our partnership and how pricing insight is enabling their business to stay ahead of the competition.




egean Airlines is a full-service carrier providing scheduled & charter, short & medium haul services since 1999. Aegean is the flag carrier of Greece, and the largest Greek airline by a total number of passengers carried (13.2 million passengers carried in 2017 and over 10 million in 9 months of 2018), by a number of destinations served (153) and by fleet size (58). The airline is a Star Alliance member since June 2010 – the time which also marks the beginning of Infare’s partnership with Aegean.



Keeping ahead of the market


Eight years may seem like a long period within a rapidly evolving aviation industry. Unless one stays ahead of the game.

“Today, the speed with which information is delivered is crucial to any business, and it is particularly true for airlines. Thanks to Infare we access up-to-date airfare information.” – says Roland Jaggi, CCO at Aegean Airlines.

Airfare Big Data is a gold mine for airlines. In fact, our customers are increasing their airfare data consumption by an average of 50% annually. It helps to own the largest historical airfare database in the world.

Customer service excellence

Aegean Airlines have been in business since 1999 exhibiting a controlled and consistent pace of growth providing high-quality service to their customers. It is no surprise that they do expect the same level of service from their partners.

“We appreciate Infare’s focus on high-quality customer service and support, values that our two companies share. We are looking forward to further strengthening our partnership with Infare and better seizing the opportunities offered by our rapidly evolving industry.” – adds Roland Jaggi.

Innovation and customer centricity is a driving force for Infare in keeping up with the rapidly evolving industry and our customer needs. We couldn’t be more looking forward to many more years of collaboration with Aegean and our partners worldwide!

Roland Jaggi

Chief Commercial Officer / Aegean Airlines

“Today, the speed with which information is delivered is crucial to any business, and it is particularly true for airlines. Thanks to Infare we access up-to-date airfare information. Every day we use airfare insight to closely monitor our competitors’ behaviour, assess the results of our actions, and fine-tune our revenue management strategies whenever needed. Accessing historical airfares, we can also conduct long-term analysis and forecasting, which allow us to act proactively, keeping ahead of the market.”




Discover our Historical airfare database and the vast Revenue Management integrations!

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